“The Birds” Filming Locations

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,

… I know, it’s morning, but read that in an Alfred Hitchcock voice and it works a little better.

From San Francisco, where this particular movie actually started out, we head north to see THE BIRDS FILMING LOCATIONS- Bodega and Bodega Bay, CA.

In the town of Bodega, one of the only structures from the film still standing is the POTTER SCHOOLHOUSE- 17110 Bodega Lane, Bodega, CA.


If you have seen anything of The Birds ever in your life, you probably recognize the above pictured building at the Bodega Bay School where the birds gathered on the playground equipment and then chased the running children down the street. The playground is not there (if it ever actually was), but the building still stands.

The building was donated to the community as a school by Sheriff Samuel Potter (hence the name) in 1872 and was established in 1873. Upstairs held the community hall. In the early 60s, the building was condemned and sold; a year after this is when Alfred Hitchcock scouted the building out for The Birds. In 1966, the Taylors bought the building and restored it. It is now a private residence to members of the Taylor family, but they are used to tourists driving up and taking pictures. There is even a sign at the gate of the fence explaining the history of the building. This means, despite the given inevitability of gawkers, respect the property and the family’s privacy. Stay outside the fence, take your pictures, marvel at its majesty, and quietly go on your way.

Next door is SAINT TERESA OF AVILA- 17242 Bodega Hwy., Bodega, CA.


May not ring any bells except for ardent fans, but the bulletin board outside of the church shows and explains its connection to the film.


Yes, it was in the background. Like an uncredited, disgruntled extra, Saint Teresa of Avila reminds us that “hey, I was in the movie, too!”

Bodega is a very small, cute town not unlike Bodega Bay in the film, but with no other buildings that you would recognize. They are, however, quite proud of their cinematic heritage.

At least you can tell who it is suppose to be.

Some businesses have riddled themselves with Hitchcock memorabilia, including autographs and photos.

Original Alfred Hitchcock Presents television crew member jacket

About five or six miles down the road is Bodega Bay, which is a little bigger than Bodega due to its popularity as a fishing town. Though none of the actual buildings are still standing, you’ll be happy to know that the restaurant was, and still is, real. You can still go visit THE TIDES WHARF RESTAURANT AND BAR- 835 CA-1, Bodega Bay, CA.



If you go through The Tides, past the gift shops (and past the above-pictured fake building thing), out back is a deck with a view of the bay.

It kind of looks like where the Brenner house was suppose to be across the bay

The Tides, by the way, has an amazing looking restaurant, gift shop, and fancy hotel right on the bay. Hitchcock fan or not, this looks like a great place for a quiet getaway or a weekend of fishing.

Hummingbird in The Tides parking lot (look above the Honda’s driver side tail light)

Until next time, dahlings.

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