About the Author


FAKE INTERVIEWER: Tell us about your life.

LESLEY: Well, I was born at a very early age and have grown since then. In the meantime, I have performed in a lot of local theatre, drank a lot of hard cider, and looked back on a lot of moments in my life with a shrug and an “oops… well, now we know.”

FAKE INTERVIEWER: What is your outlook on life?

LESLEY: I believe that, within reason, one should try everything at least once and traveling is the best way to expand your mind and therefore live to your full potential. I like to think of myself as an open-minded person and, though it sounds like a contradiction, one trait of such is being open to the fact that I will fail many times at this and find things I simply cannot understand or even accept; in such cases, all I can do is acknowledge this and allow myself my opinion without judging myself or shoving this opinion into other people’s lives.

FAKE INTERVIEWER: Why did you chose such a goofy and unflattering picture of yourself to display on this page?

LESLEY: 1) Because this picture was taken while I was traveling (in Copenhagen) and this is a travel blog, after all, 2) because I am holding a bottle of hard cider, one of the nearest and dearest things to my heart, and 3) because it’s funny how the guy in the background looks like he’s spitting into my cider.

FAKE INTERVIEWER: But it makes your head look like it’s a really weird shape.

LESLEY: Well, maybe it IS a really weird shape!

FAKE INTERVIEWER: What are your favorite things in life?

LESLEY:  Some of my favorites in life include (but are not limited to):
Hard cider (as I said before)
60s French Pop music
Paul Drake from the original “Perry Mason” series
Warm and hot weather
Sherlock Holmes (classic mainly, but Cumberbatch’s is fun)
Mac and Cheese
Key West colors
Agent Cooper from “Twin Peaks”
Bossa Nova and Exotica music
Classic Hollywood
Classic Rock music (especially 80s New Wave)
… and Travel, of course!

FAKE INTERVIEWER: Anything else you want to mention in this fake interview?

LESLEY: No, not really.