Shooting Star RV Resort

Hello, dahlings,

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re asking yourself “where in Utah can I hike through the canyons and mountains during the day and relax like a movie star at night?”

I have the answer to put your sleep-deprived mind to rest. That answer is SHOOTING STAR RV RESORT– 2020 Utah 12, Escalante, UT.


Nestled in the colorful mountains and canyons of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Dixie National Forest, the Shooting Star RV Resort offers a remote place to get away with excellent views.

Don’t have an RV? No problem! You can rent one of their vintage Airstreams!


Each Airstream is themed after a variety of classic film stars’ trailers on the sets of one of their classic movies. You can hide from the cops in “The Kid’s Hideout,” inspired by Robert Redford’s trailer on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, help the gumshoe solve the mystery in “Mrs. Rutledge’s Room,” inspired by Lauren Bacall’s trailer on the set of The Big Sleep, or dodge airplanes in “Cary’s Cabin,” inspired by Cary Grant’s trailer on the set of North by Northwest, and more!

It was a tough choice for me. I almost went with “Holly’s Hideaway” (Audrey Hepburn’s trailer during Breakfast at Tiffany’s), but I ultimately went with “Sugar’s Shack,” Marilyn Monroe’s trailer during Some Like It Hot.




The décor in the Airstream is a lot of fun, with era-appropriate furniture and accents of Marilyn Monroe pictures, books, and other Some Like It Hot related pieces.


“Marilyn’s dress and shoes in the closet as she left them,” according to the owner
In the dark corner, you can just make out a couple of books about Marilyn, one of her personal writings and another of unpublished Look magazine photos

The town of Escalante is a five minute drive from the resort, where you can find some local restaurants, a grocery store or two, a couple of gas stations, hiking gear, visitor information (about the numerous hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, ATV trail riding, and photography opportunities in the area), and for those in need of something familiar, a Subway restaurant.

One thing that is for someone like me a curse and a blessing: no Wifi in the Airstreams, and phone reception is extremely limited. It’s a curse mainly because I was hoping to take the extra day staying here to just relax and catch up on my blog post writing. There are a couple of places in Escalante with Wifi for such situations, and the office has Wifi so one could sit in or outside of the building on their computer in desperate times. However, in a place like this, there is something extremely freeing about being off the grid.

Don’t worry about getting bored, though. After hiking and exploring in the daytime, you can relax on your deck and enjoy the amazing views.


Every other night at sundown, there is a large outdoor screen where they show movies, weather permitting.


You can rent one of the classic cars for the drive-in feel. Unfortunately, weather was not permitting while I was there, so no movies for me.

If you are traveling with someone, this is a great place to get away from everyone and everything and spend quality time with the other person. Get some exercise, appreciate nature, and sleep like a celebrity at night.

Until next time, dahlings…


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