Little Hollywood Movie Museum

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If you are a fan of movie westerns, you simply must take time to see the LITTLE HOLLYWOOD MOVIE MUSEUM– 297 W. Center St., Kanab UT.


This is the Southwest Hollywood, basically, a FREE museum of hands-on movie sets. Works such as Deadwood CoachThe Lone RangerGunsmoke, Exorcist II: The Heretic, even Planet of the Apes in 2001, and so many more have sets in this museum; in fact, since 1924, over 100 films and television series have history here.

Unfortunately for me, the day before my visit, the town of Kanab literally flooded to waist-deep waters from torrential rains in the area and the ground in the outdoor museum was too muddy for visitors, so I was confined to the wooden walkway behind the trading post, which does not offer much of a view. These are the pictures I was able to get from my extremely limited angle.

Part of Gunslinger Avenue




Inside the trading post is a large plethora of southwestern paraphernalia (most made in the USA and/or made by Native Americans), museum souvenirs, and Route 66 keepsakes. They also host a restaurant and a costumed and portrait photography studio.

If you get to the area before I can return for a drier visit, let me know how cool it is. Why not don a costume and head out to the sets for cool, authentic looking, western portrait?

Until next time, dahlings…


4 thoughts on “Little Hollywood Movie Museum

    1. Thank you! I have plenty of roadside attractions listed in this blog and more to come (you can find them by looking under “categories”). Keep reading!


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