Idaho Potato Museum

Mes petites pommes de terre,

During my time in Idaho, I’ve visited a former bordello, narrowly escaped the late Idaho criminal, commemorated a legendary daredevil, driven around blasting “Private Idaho” by the B-52s, what else is there to do?

Why, of course, visit the IDAHO POTATO MUSEUM– 130 NW Main St., Blackfoot, ID.


Over the years, the word “potato” has become common-law-married to Idaho. This museum explores the history of how and why the potato found its way to Idaho, along with the different potato farming processes.

Fun fact: Marie Antoinette used to wear potato blossoms in her hair to promote eating potatoes.

Little did she know that all she needed to do was make a french fry and the people would have been convinced.


The museum also hosts many other potato-related exhibits.

The World’s Largest Potato Crisp aka The Biggest and Flatest Pringle Ever!
They sang and talked and were overall creepy
… The Idaho Potatoes Field Force? Is the world aware of this… eh, phenomenon?
… I got nuthin’

There is also a gift shop with a variety of Mr. Potatoheads and a café that serves… you guessed it, potatoes.

Out front is a photo opportunity with the museum sign and a large baked potato. It includes this contraption for taking selfies.


Regular readers will have probably figured out by now that I am not a selfie type of person, but the Eagle Scouts went through all of this trouble to build a selfie assistant, so I had to try it.


Eat the potato. Love the potato. Learn about the potato. Go to the Idaho Potato Museum and do all three in one place.

Until next time, dahlings…

2 thoughts on “Idaho Potato Museum

  1. I’m disheartened in your stunning lack of insight as to the importance of this agricultural icon. The potato is far more than just a tuber! It represents the life blood of the common, the working class! Next time keep that in mind when downplaying the importance that the potato plays in people’s lives.


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