The Old Station Inn/ World’s Large Ball of Twine (Kansas)

Me again!

Learn something new everyday, right? Sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

Fun fact: there are some strangely explicit details to a Guinness World Record, such as “Largest Pizza Base Spun in One Minute,” “Youngest Person to Compete in the Wild West Arts Contest,” or “Fastest Time to Gift Wrap a Guinness World’s Record Book” (Check out my Roadside Attractions for some visitable record holders.)

On that note, it turns out the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Darwin, MN has a caveat. It is officially known as the “World’s Largest Ball of Sisal Twine Rolled by One Man.”

However, if you head south to Kansas, you can see the WORLD’S LARGEST BALL OF SISAL TWINE ROLLED BY A COMMUNITY- 710 Wisconsin Hwy., Cawker City, KS.



This ball of twine has had more than one contributor. In fact, if you visit the Almost Done Inn (or make advance arrangements via phone or email), you yourself can add to the ball of twine, which was started by a Frank Stoeber in 1953. The town has events and souvenirs related to the ball of twine as this is one of the main attractions in the small town.

For me, however, I stumbled onto something just as interesting. While driving through town, I came upon an old-fashioned gas station and stopped to take a few pictures.



While I was taking pictures of the old gas pumps and the overall retro feel of the building, a truck pulled in next to the station. A man got out and asked if I liked the gas station. He turned out to be the owner and offered to show me the inside.

“It’s probably not what you think,” he said as he opened the door.

I was so unprepared that I forgot to take pictures, but the inside of the gas station is a room you can rent overnight! It’s called THE OLD STATION INN– 713 Wisconsin Hwy, Cawker City, KS.

They had just finished the renovation in the late spring of 2016, so everything is new, including; the double bed on the main level; a second bed in a loft area accessible via a moveable ladder; a bathroom complete with shower stall and… the other obvious things; a small breakfast table with a microwave, coffee maker, and mini fridge. Like I said, I did not get pictures of the inside, but you can check out some pictures on their Facebook page (linked above before their address).

And a bonus: it’s literally across the street from the ball of twine! Picture it: eating breakfast in your own room while staring out your front window at the nostalgia of the old gas pumps and the communal efforts of the ball of twine.


Between small town charm, a large ball of twine, and museums within driving distance, there are many reasons to stay the night here. Besides, it’s an old gas station, do I really need to sell you on it any more?

Until next time, dahlings…



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