Geographical Center of the Continental U.S.

Greetings, weary travelers!

After all this time, I finally reached the GEOGRAPHICAL CENTER OF THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES- 130 Road and AA Road, Lebanon, KS.


This was measured in 1912, after the inclusion of states 47 and 48 (New Mexico and Arizona). If you take Alaska and Hawaii into account, the center is north in South Dakota, but that just screws everything up because I’ve already been through South Dakota. Not only that, my road trip does not include Alaska and Hawaii (Hawaii being rather challenging to “road trip” to), so this one is more appropriate, anyway.



This area includes a small chapel (for those wishing to plead this poor country’s case to a higher power from as close to 48 states at once as possible; Alaska and Hawaii will have to fend for themselves, I guess) and a small pavilion with picnic tables (for those wishing to lunch to as close to all 48 states at once as possible).


I did not take a picture of the picnic pavilion because there was a family picnicking in it, and they did not look like they were in the mood to be in a picture or move so I could take one. Imagine a picnic pavilion… that’s what it looks like.

Pack a picnic lunch and head to the center of it all (continent-wise, that is).

Until next time, dahlings…


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