John Ford Statue

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I did it again…

Despite prior research, I neglected to do proper RECENT research. Sad news: the International Cryptzoology Museum is closed this week because they are moving to a new location. Grrr!

On the way out of Portland, though, I did discover this.


That’s a JOHN FORD STATUE- Pleasant and Center, Portland, ME.

John Ford was a classic film director best known for westerns (Stagecoach,¬†The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, to name a couple) and other notorious films (The Grapes of Wrath, one of his four Academy Award winners¬†How Green Was My Valley, and others). John was born in Portland, ME, directed many great films, and… now appears to be permanently directing traffic at this crazy five-point intersection in town.

20160627_112100Ignore the unappreciative man sitting behind John talking on his cell phone.

Fun factoid: Before WWII, Ford reported to the government on Japanese activities while sailing around the South Seas and participated in aerial surveillance during the war. In other words, John Ford was a spy!

The short pillars around him name and briefly describe some of his greater-known works in film. Because the only way to actually get a good picture of this statue is to stand in the middle of the crazy five-point intersection in downtown Portland, these will have to do. John Ford is not worth dying for.

Sorry, John.

Until next time, dahlings…


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