USS Albacore Museum

Greetings and Salutations!

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to go inside a submarine.

Guess what? You can! Open for tours every day is the USS ALBACORE MUSEUM- 600 Market Ave., Portsmouth, NH.


The USS Albacore was originally used to research and experiment with new features for future submarines. Now it is sitting in a ditch… but you can still go through it! And it’s still pretty cool.




That doorway in the first picture is short and high off the ground. The taller you are, the easier it is to step over but harder to crouch throw at the same time. Those movies that show everyone running through the submarine during a crisis would take talent and agility to not conk your head or bruise yourself somehow.

Not only is height a factor, it wasn’t stated at all at the gift shop in the beginning, but I feel like there would be a limit… shall we say, horizontally.

Below is a picture of the sleeping quarters.


The lighter part in the middle is the “hallway” between the two sides. The metal walls reflecting the color makes it look bigger than it is, but the hall is the width of the two silver strips in the middle. Though I am broad-shouldered for my frame, I am still fairly narrow and my shoulders barely slid through when walking straight forward through this passage. Crazy!

Of course, we need the periscope…


20160627_124330The best picture I could get looking through the periscope. You can make out trees and part of the bridge suspension at the bottom.

20160627_124445.jpgThe sonar room.

After the tour of the actual submarine (with several audio stops throughout featuring short stories from different crew members), there is a small museum inside the gift shop, including a DVD showing how they got the Albacore from the water into the ditch.


A submarine! You can go inside a submarine! How cool is that? Worth the $8 admission just for that fact alone!


Until next time, dahlings…

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