“Steel Water” Fluoridation Statue

Hello, you lovely people,

We are back in Michigan today for a little random art and some fun factoids. Did you know that water fluoridation (adding fluoride to water) started in 1945 and has decreased cavities by up to 65% since?

According to some sources, that is. Others say fluoride is useless to dental health and possibly causes cancer, but for the sake of this blog post, those nay-sayers are dismissed.

Do you know what city was the first in the world to utilize water fluoridation?

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Their pride in this can be seen in a piece of artwork called “STEEL WATER”- 235 Louis St., Grand Rapids, MI 49503.


(This address is the JW Marriott hotel, next to which the statue resides. Just go to the end of Louis St. from Campau, you can’t miss it.)

The sculpture, created by Cyril Lixenberg in 2007, is 33 feet high and is illuminated at night for a cool lighting effect (created by those weird little circles you see at the base).


Which would probably look really cool from across the Grand River.


For those of you in the area and interested in random art or dental health, stop by and check this out. It is conveniently located right next to the River Walk, which makes for a cute little trot when the weather is obliging.

Until next time, dahlings…

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