Felicity Farms Bed and Breakfast

Good morning, dahlings!

When hustling and bustling along on our journeys of sightseeing or visiting with distant-living loved ones, it’s refreshing to have a cozy place to curl up at night and restore oneself for the next day.

Though cost is always a factor when traveling, one of my personal favorite options for lodging is a locally owned bed and breakfast. Quite honestly, they are not always that much higher of a cost considering the pricing includes at least one meal a day, plus often times they have more amenities and personal care than one would get at a hotel.

… and some places simply do not have hostels available.

One such place is in Beaver, Pennsylvania, a winsome, small town 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh (about 40 minutes of driving time, according to Google maps). It was named by Pittsburgh magazine as one of the Top-10 Neighborhoods of the region, making it a relaxing area to call home base on your visit to the city of Pittsburgh.

One of the gems of this town is FELICITY FARMS BED AND BREAKFAST- 2075 Dutch Ridge Rd., Beaver, PA.

Original photo link: http://www.yourbeavercounty.com/modern-day-milkman-more-beaver-county-businesses-reminiscent-of-times-past/
Original photo link: http://www.felicityfarms.com

Felicity Farms is a working farm with horses and chickens. Locals are able to buy eggs straight from the coop located in the Barely Stable (get it? Well, I laughed when I saw that name).

There are three guest rooms and a master suite available for rent at incredibly reasonable prices. I stayed in Elizabeth’s room, a cozy decorated room with a private bath and access to the large, second story veranda.

Original photo link: http://www.felicityfarms.com

The bed and breakfast is owned and operated by Anne, a sweet woman and a wonderful cook. I got to enjoy two breakfasts here at Felicity Farms, consisting of such delights as baked pineapple, Eggs Benedict, protein pancakes, speciality breads with lemon cur, and more. I’m half tempted to commute the six hours every morning for breakfast!

The historic old farmhouse has gone through some renovations over the years, including the entire house being moved to the top of the hill where it sits today. In the late 90s, Anne bought the farm (hah, I mean that in a literal sense) from the family that had owned it for a few generations and renovated it into the bed and breakfast. Its decor is reminisce of old farmhouses from years past.

Felicity Farms is clean, comfortable, charming, and reasonably priced with a delightful hostess and a delicious breakfast waiting to greet you when you wake up in the morning. What more could you want?

Until next time, dahlings…


Due to unfortunate circumstances, my original photos were lost, hence my need to use picture’s from other websites. Any copyright infringement is unintentional and will be rectified, if needed.

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