Clifford House Bed and Breakfast

Hello, you lovely people!

Now that I have sent you all over Cleveland to only a handful of sights the city has to offer (there’s plenty more, but only so much time in a vacation!), you might want to get some rest. Cleveland is such a big place, where can one go that is comfortable and in a safe neighborhood?

My suggestion? CLIFFORD HOUSE BED AND BREAKFAST- 1810 W. 28th St., Cleveland, OH.


Located in Cleveland’s “artisan neighborhood” of Ohio City, rated as one of Cleveland’s top walkable neighborhoods, Clifford House is a 19th century house and, according to the website, is often referred to as “the brick house of Ohio City.” Being a lone traveler with a limited budget, I had booked the Albert Withington room, a bedroom with a small sitting area and a shared bathroom.


Upon my arrival in the late afternoon, Jim, the owner, greeted me at the door and led me inside. He showed me the Albert Withington room. Aside from it perhaps being a little smaller than I expected (which, for one night, is not a big deal, and how much time do people spend in their rooms, anyway?), it seemed very clean and comfortable. Jim then told me that the upstairs apartment, the Madison Apartment Suite, was vacant and since it was late in the day for most walk ins, I was welcome to upgrade for free.



For the price of the bedroom and shared bathroom, I lucked out and got an entire two floor apartment to myself! I fully appreciate Jim not looking at this as a strictly “you paid for this, this is what you get” and gave me a break simply because it worked out and he figured I’d be more comfortable.

Clifford House’s Madison Apartment Suite sleeps four and is very spacious and comfortable. It is a whole apartment, meaning it has a living room, dining room, kitchen, one and a half baths and plenty of comfortable furnishings and decor. Amenities include a 42″ TV with lots and lots of channels (including the Travel Channel, which I endorse completely), a fully furnished kitchen including free water bottles in the refrigerator, an iron and ironing board, and more to make the apartment suite more a home away from home.

The house is occupied full time by Jim, his dog Sherlock (who weaseled some breakfast sausage from me the next morning with his big, innocent eyes), and his cat Wesley (who has claimed a perch in the neighbor house’s porch box garden).

The next morning, Jim prepared a delicious omelette and sausage (which Sherlock enjoyed… I have a hard time resisting a manipulative dog) for breakfast and served it with a bowl of fresh fruit. I got a chance to have a lengthy conversation with Jim over tea and coffee; he’s been running the B&B since he was laid off from his corporate job years earlier and, to listen to him talk, that is the best thing that could have happened to him (isn’t that always how it works? The cop always cracks the case after he’s been suspended, same thing!). He’s gathered enough stories since then from being in the B&B business that he talks of writing a book one day (which I would recommend keeping an eye out for in the future).

After breakfast, I encourage you to take a stroll down to the West Side Market, a farmers market that has been compared to those in Europe. The vendors at the market have rows upon rows of fruit that look AMAZING! If I had a cooler with me on the road (which I will from now on), I would have been on a shopping spree.

If the market is closed for the evening you are looking for food to take back after a long day exploring, I recommend Old Angle’s Bogtrotters Doorstep. The sandwiches are huge and you will probably need a fork.

Clifford House Bed and Breakfast is in a prime location for dining and walking; it is also centrally located for things to do around Cleveland. Jim makes the place comfortable and adds to it with his welcoming demeanor. Do yourself a favor: explore Cleveland and curl up in the nights between adventures at Clifford House Bed and Breakfast.

Until next time, dahlings…


**Due to the unforeseen circumstances of technology failure (see my editorial for details), all of my personal photos were lost. All photos in this post are from the Clifford House website, Any copyright infringement is purely unintentional and will be rectified upon notification.

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