Church from “The Deer Hunter”

Good morning, film buffs!

This next one is for you fans of the 1978 war drama The Deer Hunter, starring Robert Deniro, Christopher Walken, and Meryl Streep. Several of the shooting locations are in Cleveland, the most distinct being the Orthodox church from the wedding scene towards the beginning of the film.

Original photo link:

That church is ST. THEODOSIUS RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL- 733 Starkweather Ave., Cleveland, OH.

3016785843_4c35c1422f_b.jpg Original photo link:

It seems like a walkable neighborhood. However, I did not find a convenient place to park, but I only had time to stop and snap a picture, anyway (a picture which was then lost in technological oblivion, see details in my editorial). I just pulled over onto a side street, put my four ways on, and took the picture from the car. The interior, from what I understand, was used as well, but one would have to attend the church service to find out, I’m sure.

A cool building from a thought-provoking (and gut-wrenching) film: a good combination for a roadside attraction.

Until next time, dahlings…


* Any copyright violation in this photo usage is purely unintentional and will be corrected upon notification.


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