Vesuvio Cafe

Mes amis,

Well, we’ve visited where he lies in death, now we go to where he lived his life… at times.

“He” is, naturally, Jack Kerouac, and where he at times lived his life is VESUVIO CAFE- 255 Columbus Ave., San Francisco, CA.


The Vesuvio was a regular hangout for the beat writer and his compadres. The story is he even got so caught up in drinking with his buddies here one night that he completely missed a meeting in Big Sur with Henry Miller.

This saloon is located near Chinatown just across the street from City Lights Bookstore, another locale notorious thanks to the patronage of Kerouac and other literary figures of his day. Vesuvio has been receiving beat poets, drinkers, artists, and more since the late 40s.

Jack’s block on the sidewalk outside of Vesuvio (and Michelle’s prize cowboy boot)


View of the popular sign from our table next to the upstairs window

Vesuvio has a full bar plus a plethora of their own drinks. Naturally, I had to order…

The Jack Kerouac

In the mood for a cultured, literary evening? Stop in to Vesuvio for a drink and contemplate all the rabble-rousing, the philosophical discussions, the sorrow-drowning that took place there. Afterwards, stroll over to City Lights Bookstore and┬ádiscover a story or idea you’ve never imagined before.

Until next time, dahlings…

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