“Vertigo” Film Locations

Hello, movie buffs!

San Francisco is the location for many, many films in Hollywood history.

Instead of loading this blog with pictures of all of those pictures from all of those films, I chose one. I chose, in my opinion, one of the greatest of all time: Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo starring Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak, and Barbara Del Geddes.

Most of the exterior shots were filmed in San Francisco, with most of the interiors being on a sound stage. Some of the notorious locations are:

MADELINE’S APARTMENT BUILDING- Brocklebank Apartments, 1000 Mason St., San Francisco, CA. It’s right on the corner of Mason and Sacramento.


Next, is SCOTTIE’S APARTMENT- 900 Lombard St., San Francisco, CA. This one is easy, it is literally one block down the hill from the notorious zig-zag block.

It does look a little different now, but that is it.

I tried to find the McKittrick Hotel; unfortunately, the building was torn down many years ago. I had also hoped to find the location of Ernie’s restaurant, but that has also been rebuilt beyond all recognition.

The last location that I found was the EMPIRE HOTEL- Hotel Vertigo, 940 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA.


This location is now a hotel named for the fact that it was a film location for Vertigo. Though I did not go inside, it appears from photos to not be particularly reminisce of the film. The description on the website, however, assures fans that there are small tributes throughout the boutique hotel. It’s located in Nob Hill, so I would suggest checking it out as the area is rather desirable for tourists.

There are certainly more locations throughout the city. Check them out for yourself, take lots of pretty pictures, and for goodness sake try not to throw yourself into San Francisco Bay or out of an old mission bell tower.

Until next time, dahlings…

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