World’s Shortest River

Good morning, dahlings!

We’ve seen some of the World’s Largests, a World’s Smallest or two, and a World’s Tallest in this blog. Now, here’s a World’s Shortest.

This is the WORLD’S SHORTEST RIVER- Giant Springs State Park, 4803 Giant Springs Rd., Great Falls, MT.


This is the Roe River, the 200-foot bearer of the moniker “World’s Shortest River,” as dubbed by the Guinness World Records in 1989. Previously, the 440-foot D River in Oregon held the title until… they happened upon this one, I suppose.

The Roe River runs between Giant Springs and the Missouri River.

One end of Giant Springs
The other end of Giant Springs.
From the mouth of the river towards the bridge right before Giant Springs

I am assuming Giant Springs is meant to be ironic*, as it is not particularly large. Though not a particularly small spring, either, it is paradoxical that a “giant” spring is connected to the “shortest” river.

*This is, in fact, a correct usage of the word “ironic,” in reference to verbal irony.

UPDATE: Upon researching this, Giant Springs IS in fact one of the largest freshwater springs in the country. Though my usage of the word “ironic” is still correct, the statement in which I used it is not. Now, is THAT ironic, folks? Commence debate now!

Giant Springs also has some historical significance in the fact that it was first noted in history by Lewis and Clark. This is indeed part of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805.

Overall, Giant Springs State Park is home to a large spring, a short river, and a wide array of activities to enjoy.

Until next time, dahlings…

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