Clearmont Jail

Good morning, all!

Clearmont, Wyoming: 0.16 square miles, population 142.

That’s huge. On the way in, I passed a town with a population of 25. Lost Springs reportedly┬ánow has as many as four people!

It’s Wyoming, whadaya expect?

In this tiny town is the tiny CLEARMONT JAIL- Water St. and New York Ave., Clearmont, WY.



Yes, it is a historic landmark built in 1922 as an answer to the growing crime problem. Mainly, it was a place to put the drunks during Prohibition. Simply put, once Prohibition was repealed and modern facilities came around (bathrooms and dining, namely), there was little to no need for this jail anymore, so it is now a tourist attraction at a park.

Inside are two cells, both of which still have bars and doors in tact. Don’t worry, they don’t lock anymore.



‘Tis a fun little pit stop on that trek across the wide expanse of a densely populated state. Take a break from the 80 mph highway drive and play in a historic jail for a few minutes.

Until next time, dahlings…

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