Abita Mystery House

Good morning, seekers of the bizarre!

Abita Springs is a small town in Louisiana known for its brewery, spring water, and biking trails.

Yes, folks, you read right, BREWERY! Stop in and grab a couple of beers, then make your way to the ABITA MYSTERY HOUSE- 22275 Hwy 36, Abita Springs, LA.


Formerly known as the UCM Museum (and I cannot find what UCM was suppose to stand for… Unusual Collection Museum? Unidentified Collective of Men? Uninhibited Creatures Mamboing?), the Abita Mystery House is a collection of random objects, inventions, animated displays, and other bits and pieces of Americana and beyond.


A ball obstacle course made of wire, silverware, and bamboo skewers
Something my brother in law needs in his upcoming barcade.

These items are all housed in and around several outbuildings such as an old Creole cabin, a house covered in glass and pottery shards, and more.



It’s clear the creator of this museum, John Preble, is one of a kind, upon looking at the displays he has built and the items in his collection that clearly spans many years. In fact, 2004 saw the designation of the Abita Mystery House as a National Eccentric Landmark.

I am not completely sure if that is actually a thing, but if it’s not, it SO needs to be!



The gift shop at the entrance also has plenty of fun oddities, allowing you to bring a piece of the mystery house home with you. Because our houses certainly can never have enough mystery, oddities, or curiosities.

Until next time, dahlings…

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