Grave of Douglas the Camel


It is most often in times of necessity that we seek alternate methods, especially more original ones.

During the American Civil War, there was a problem with using horses and mules in the war effort. They were dying of dehydration.

What was the natural solution to this problem? Camels!

And this is why you should take a stroll through the CEDAR HILL CEMETERY- Lindsey and Cotton, Vicksburg, MS.


I should give you the middle part now, shouldn’t I?

Back to camels… it was this dehydration solution theory that brought Douglas the Camel around to join the 43rd Mississippi Infantry, unofficially known after that as the “Camel Regiment.” Things worked out great and “Old Douglas” was their mascot, helping with the burden of instruments and knapsacks.

Until some bastard Union sharpshooter killed him. Don’t worry, Colonel Bevier* took care of that sharpshooter.

*Colonel Robert Bevier, the one Bevier, KY is named after.

Because of his beloved status with the regiment, Douglas is buried with the soldiers in Cedar Hill Cemetery near the corner of Lindsey and Cotton.

As you approach the intersection from Sky Farm Ave., just before it is a group of soldier’s graves to your left.



While visiting historic Vicksburg, stop by and pay respects to a lesser known part of Civil War history.

Until next time, dahlings…


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