Johnny Cash’s Boyhood Home

Howdy do, Michigan City (and all other cities, of course)!

It’s amazing to examine the arc of a human’s story, whether they start out with humble beginnings and wind up swimming in wealth/success/fame or are born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth and end up dead in a leaky, litter-filled gutter somewhere with goats gnawing on their hair.

… too much? I thought it might be. Sorry, folks, moving on…

Fortunately for this individual, his story is the former, and his name was Johnny Cash. J. R. “Johnny” Cash was born in 1932 in what would later be known as Dyess, Arkansas. It is here that you can still see JOHNNY CASH’S BOYHOOD HOME- 4719 W. County Rd. 924, Dyess, AR.


I had read somewhere about having to take gravel and dirt roads to get to the house, so I was all sorts of mentally prepared for this (small cars don’t do well in such terrains). Well, it turns out it’s only the actual road leading up to the house, and one only needs to drive about a quarter of a mile or so on it.

Once you get near the area, it is incredibly easy to find. It seems to be literally the only building within a mile radius.



Arkansas State University restored the house in 2011 to look as it would have when the Cash family lived in it. The shell is completely original, though if you look at the foundation, it is possibly not in the original location. I did not find any information saying yea or nay. As you may have seen from the picture of the sign, they do offer tours of the house… starting at 9am. We were here at 8:45am and unfortunately did not have time to take the tour. So… this is something you should do, take lots of pretty pictures, and show them to me later.

While you are at it, keep an eye out for information on the Johnny Cash Heritage Festival the university is starting up in October of 2017. Plan your visit around that, and you will be the envy of… well, me, at least.

Until next time, dahlings…


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