Casey, Illinois

Hello, world!

We all like package deals, right? Several things for the price of one?

How about a glorious World’s Largest/photo op spree all in one city?

Good news! This is available in CASEY, ILLINOIS- … um, Casey, IL.


Casey, IL has started building its reputation around erecting as many of the World’s Largest items as possible. By “World’s Largest,” I mean as in Guinness Book of World Records certified. In fact… the Guinness Book people were in town a few days earlier and… well, let’s just say they may feature very prominently in/on next year’s edition.

To date, Casey is home to eight World’s Largest items. Six of them are downtown, such as…

World’s Largest Wind Chime (and it works!)
World’s Largest Wooden Shoes
World’s Largest Mailbox (and you can go inside and mail stuff! If you drop any mail in the slot inside, the flag will go up!)
World’s Largest Golf Tee, which my mother is hugging because she loves it so.

.. and more! Casey is also home to the World’s Largest Pitchfork, Knitting Needles and Crochet Hook, and Rocking Chair. This does not include the other large (not officially largest) objects scattered around town and other attractions the quaint, small town has to offer.

Go to Casey and set out on a scavenger hunt! Grab your hunt list at Casey’s Candy Depot (home of the wooden shoes) and set off on an adventure!

Until next time, dahlings…

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