God’s Acre Healing Springs

Morning, sunshine!

How would you like some water that is alleged to have healing powers?

Do you mind driving out through a lot of farms and woods to get to it?

Don’t worry, once you get nearby, there is some civilization near GOD’S ACRE HEALING SPRINGS*- 151 Springs Ct., Blackville, SC.

*Not to be confused with “God’s Little Acre,” which is… well, something very, very different.

The Google map can technically lead you to it by just the name itself, but it tells you it is halfway down the road when it is actually at the end near the bend.

I’m gonna send
you to the end
near the bend
… signed, your friend.
~ Me, 2016

God’s Acre Healing Springs is a section of land originally owned by the local Native American tribes back in the 1700s (the argument still stands that the Native Americans technically owned ALL of this land we now live on, but we are going to set aside that Vietnam for now). During the Revolutionary War, the Native Americans led some wounded Britishers to these waters and the two that were presumed to be dead men walking were healed. That is when the springs were named the Healing Springs.


… so the story goes. I’m just the relayer here, folks, don’t start with me on historical accuracy.

Eventually, Nathaniel Walker bought the springs from the Native Americans with some corn (which THAT part sounds weird to me, didn’t the Native Americans introduce the Europeans to corn in the first place?! However it happened, Nate got the land…). It (the land, not the corn, forget about the corn now) changed hands several times until finally it belonged to a man named L.P. Boylston. Boylston deeded the land to “God Almighty.” As long as the courts honor this, God’s Acre Healing Springs will never be owned by a human again and its waters will therefore always be free to whomever wants it.


The water is said by analysts to have healthful minerals and be exceptionally pure.

The area is pretty much a free park now. It has a parking lot, signs about keeping the area clean “for God,” and the piping you see in the pictures so that everyone can easily pour as much water as they want into whatever container they want.

I only had one lone water bottle, so I filled it.


Now, the question is… what do I do with it? Do I drink some every day? Do I wash my face with it for better skin? Do I pour it on wounds? Do I find a blind man and pour it over his eyes? Exactly HOW MUCH healing power does this bad boy have?

I tried some of it. It tastes like pretty good water. I haven’t died yet, but I did not wake up unusually invigorated, either.

Knowing me, I’ll find some cool container to put it in and display it. “Yup, that’s my healing water there. No, you can’t use it. I know you’re dying, but you can’t use it because I might need it for some emergency someday…”

Then again, maybe I should have filled a case of empty bottles and tried drinking it everyday to see what happens. Who knows? I very well may be missing out.

Go get some of the springs’ water and let me know your health progress.

Until next time, dahlings…


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