South of the Border

Oh, dear, dear readers…

We all have our Bermuda Triangles in this world. From past history, mine seems to be South Carolina. Yet here I am. I am scared to stop anywhere for fear that it will try to eat me. Not that not stopping prevents anything, one of my worst South Carolina stories starts with the fact that I was trying NOT to stop and the state made me.

Perhaps that story will be a long editorial someday.

Let me make myself clear. I am not going on the record as stating that South Carolina is a bad state. It has its good points. It just doesn’t like me much. Or it likes me too much and wants me to never leave. Either way, I always drive in with baited breath and trying to give it the benefit of the doubt.

That being said, how the hell to explain this next place…

Okay, take Disney World and chop 1/8 of it off, place that 1/8 on top of I-95 in South Carolina, then give it a politically incorrect Mexican theme…

That’s South of the Border. Kind of.

SOUTH OF THE BORDER- 3346 U.S. 301, Hamer, SC. is…. I’ll post a picture while I think of the right words.


… I guess you could call it a resort? It’s a big area right off the highway. It has anything you as a random traveler might want. It’s got souvenir shops, restaurants, lodging, attractions, coffee shops, a gas station, public restroom, an amusement park… I think I even saw a casino?




And they have sombreros. Oh good lord, do they have sombreros…

In fact, the big one next to the sign is an observation tower.


Why, South Of the Border, of course! What were YOU thinking it stood for?

There are a lot of references to someone named Pedro. He seems to be the Mickey Mouse of South of the Border. I believe it is this guy pictured below.

Pedro wearing his non-traditional blacks, probably for his audition for Zorro (where he was told he was politically incorrect and banished like Speedy Gonzales).

It’s big. It’s kitschy. It may be a little offensive, but what isn’t? Go and laugh yourself silly.

Until next time, dahlings…

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