George Washington’s Bathtub


Who is interested in outdoor bathing? Wait, don’t answer that…

Whether your interest is history or outdoor bathing or simply relaxation, you need to check out GEORGE WASHINGTON’S BATHTUB- Berkeley Springs State Park, 2 S. Washington St., Berkeley Springs, WV.


The park is not very big, so the tub is fairly easy to find.


Mind you, this is merely a recreation of the bathtub old George would have used, but he did indeed bathe here. This water was a refreshing spring even back in the 1700s. In fact, sick soldiers were brought here for treatment in the natural springs and Washington was one of the several generals to buy lots in town.

This picture makes it look empty, but I promise you it has water in it.

Right next door, you can have your own relaxing spa treatment. Modernized, of course. And indoors, to the relief of all involved. The Country Inn and Renaissance Spa is a charming hotel next to the park and also houses a restaurant and tavern next to the small but quaint town.

Want to get away from the crowds yet without isolating yourself in a cabin in the woods? Check this place out. Between the relaxation possibilities and the historical spots in town, Berkeley Springs makes for a great yet not over-saturated weekend getaway.

What? Nobody wants to come with you? In the words of George himself, “it is far better to be alone than to be in bad company.”

Until next time, dahlings…


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