Reverse Traffic Light

Top o’ th’mornin’ t’ya!

Take a look at this picture below and tell me what you think is off about it.


I’ll give you a hint: the answers are NOT “your windshield is filthy” or “you took a picture while driving and that’s bad, Lesley!”

I’ll give you another hint: the answer is in this post’s title.

Answer: the signal lights are reversed.

That’s right, this intersection features a REVERSE¬†TRAFFIC LIGHT- Tompkins St. and Milton Ave., Syracuse, NY.

This intersection is in Syracuse’s Tipperary Hill, or Tipp Hill, a notorious Irish neighborhood.


That is a big hint as to why their traffic light is reversed. The story is some Irish locals in the 1920s wanted their motherland color of green over the British-symbolizing red and threw rocks at this traffic light, breaking the glass, until finally the colors were reversed.

Whether the story is true or not, all I can say is I feel sorry for any color blind people driving through here.

Notice the instrument itself is dark green.

The above blurry-ish picture is dedicated to a Mr. Dominowski, who hates the camera I use for my blog.

If you are in upstate New York, take a drive through the intersection (without getting confused when to stop and go) and then stroll through the nearby park. The neighborhood seemed peaceful enough. I mean, it’s Saturday evening and the cops are hanging out in a nearby Speedway gas station joking with some locals.

If you’re Irish, you must come see this tribute. If you are British, come glare at it and practice your telekinesis to see if it will explode. If you are neither, come anyway.

Until next time, dahlings…













And now, a cryptic message to Jerry re: “This ‘n’ That” CD.

These are my guesses (and I am NOT looking them up on the internet)

1- Fiona Apple (you’re right about that song. Geez, Fiona!)
2- Dr. Hook and the Medicine… Men? Show? I forget which one they are…
3- The Commodores
4- Billy Squires
5- Alice Cooper
6- Steve Miller Band
7- … uhhhh no idea.
8- The vocals and guitar sound a little like ZZ Top, but not the style. So… ZZ Top?
9- …?
10- Sam the Sham
11- … hmmmm.
12- … it’s the Perry Mason theme, but no idea who performs it.
13- …
14-… I’m starting to lose confidence here.
15- … Glenn Miller Band?
16- …
17- … Django Reinhardt?
18- … Duke Ellington? (I love jazz, but figuring out instrumental performers…)
19- …
20- Sounds like Sammy Davis Jr., but I have a feeling I’m wrong.
21- … :-/
22- … Ella Fitzgerald?
23- The Church! I know that one…

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