Worst School Massacre Memorial

Good morning, all!

Many say this world is getting worse by the year with seemingly increased violence and disregard for humanity. The unfortunate thing is this is not a new phenomenon. It is indeed unfortunate and we definitely could stand some major changes, but horrible people have existed for as long as humanity.

An unfortunate fact: despite the increase of school violence in recent years, the worst school massacre on U.S. soil took place almost 90 years ago.

It seems the world’s worst school massacre in history took place in Russia. In America, however, it was in Bath, MI, a small town near the state capital of Lansing.


In 1927, Bath Consolidated School fell victim to a bombing that killed 38 children, 6 adults (including the perpetrator), and injured 58 others. The bomber (who shall remain nameless in this blog as he does not deserve any more infamy) was a school board member with… well, obviously, a few personal issues. The good news is only the explosives in the north wing of the school detonated; the bomber had set an additional 500 pounds of explosives throughout the rest of the school, but they failed to ignite.

Couzens Park, otherwise known as Bath School Memorial Park, is home to the site of the original school and also the WORST SCHOOL MASSACRE MEMORIAL- 13753 Main St., Bath, MI.


A cupola from the original school building serves as the memorial itself.


The fact that the new Bath Elementary School and Middle School are across the street from the memorial park is only a little macabre.


Perhaps this is not a joyous part of our history, but if you are in the area, it is worth the stop to pay respects to the victims of this disaster.

Until next time, dahlings…


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