Elsie the… Cow? (and Bonus “Rest Area”)

Moshi moshi!

On my way to this next venture, I discovered an added bonus roadside attraction while driving through Ashley, MI.

(…where? Exactly!)

Along eastbound M-57, I found this little delight.


Sorry the picture quality is a little eh, but I had to pull over quickly and snap it through my windshield. Not to mention the fact that there was a cop coming…

Makes for a good chuckle along a rather long stretch of road, especially when you discover the name of the next intersecting road.


Gotta love a farmer with a good sense of humor.

After the rest stop (which I did not utilize, by the way, despite it literally having my name on it), I made my way to Elsie, MI.


The small town with a big heart has a big town mascot, ELSIE THE COW- S. Ovid and W. Main, Elsie, MI 48831.


Elsie seems to have a bit of a sordid past.


The name Elsie implies that she is indeed suppose to be a girl, but it turns out Elsie was originally a black angus bull that has been painted black and white to look like more like a cow. When you look at this animal, you can tell purely by the body shape that Elsie was/is a bull.


Ellis the bull, perhaps.

Mom and Dad wanted a girl, ended up with a boy, so they dressed him up to look like a girl. Classic case of taking your problems out on your kid. Poor Ellis/Elsie.

Thank heavens for Target, in case nature calls while shopping. Restroom selection dilemma avoided.

Go visit the quaint small town of Elsie and pay your respects to the gender-confused cow… bull. Coll? Buw?

Until next time, dahlings…

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