Bosco the Dog Monument

Hello, dog lovers, this one’s for you!

California is indeed a sunny, tourist trap-riddled state. This is not to say that it doesn’t have good points. It does, in fact, have a large variety of reasons to visit. California offers lots of popular attractions, historical attractions, lesser-known attractions…

… and some that are a little bit of everything.

Enter the BOSCO THE DOG MONUMENT- 11925 Main St., Sunol, CA.


Sunol is a small, rural town of less than a thousand people, so it does not attract many visitors. This town, however, has an interesting history.

Bosco Ramos was a black Labrador/Rottweiler mix. His owner, Tom Stillman, took him everywhere and eventually Bosco became a town favorite. So much so that, when elections came up, Bosco the dog was voted in as the honorary mayor, beating out two humans.


TheĀ Peoples Daily, a Chinese Communist newspaper, caught wind of this and used it at as a point of contention, stating that it was evidence of what a failure democracy is when a dog can lead people. This was around the time of the Tiananmen Square fiasco in China (remember Tank Man? Look him up, if not). In response to this, a 30-hour pro-democracy rally was held in San Francisco, and Bosco the Mayor Dog was naturally invited. His presence at the rally was highly publicized to spite the Communists.

Bosco continued to serve as honorary mayor until his death in 1994. To commemorate his place in political history, this statue was erected.

Another tribute to this mayor can be found in BOSCO’S BONES AND BREWERY- 11922 Main St., Sunol, CA.


The name is not the only tribute. On the bar itself is another.


No, this is not the actual dog himself, but he does pee beer.

Go to Sunol, give a nod to the Bosco monument, then drink some dog pee beer.

Until next time, dahlings…


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