Bishop Castle

Kwaziwai, shamisa vanhu!

Who doesn’t want to explore a castle? Especially a free one in the mountains?

Grab your sturdy shoes and head to Colorado, where you can explore BISHOP CASTLE- 12705 Co. 165, Rye, CO.


Bishop Castle was started by Jim Bishop in 1969 as a one-room cottage. At least, that was the intention. Somewhere along the way, it turned into this large castle to which he is still building additions.

It is a work of art, indeed.




I saw a sign set off to the side at the below-pictured level that said “Wedding in Progress.” It seems people can and do have weddings in the castle.


Jim Bishop (along with others… not sure if they are volunteers, friends, paid employees, convicts, or what) shows up on weekends to continue construction. This was a Friday, so I didn’t know if this was considered part of the weekend or not. I soon got my answer.

While in the castle, I heard a great commotion outside, something about lights not being turned on. I headed to the outside walkway. Sure enough…

Jim Bishop, ladies and gentlemen, the man behind the mad genius… yelling at someone about lights.

You are required to sign a guest book which states that your signature releases Jim Bishop from all liability. That being said, the castle itself is clearly solid, yet some of the metal grating and structures are nerve-rackingly shaking. My suggestion, for your own peace of mind, is to make sure you always step on the support beams and not the grating itself. If you have a fear of heights AT ALL, the upper levels are not for you.

Especially this bridge.


However, by not going up, you are missing some spectacular views of the mountains.


There is a small gift shop on site that sells local art, apparel, and other odd paraphernalia. I was SO tempted to buy one of these hanging lamps.


Maybe at some point, I’ll work out a phone order or some sort.

Another warning… if you are easily riled up by political messages and government bashing, be warned that Jim does take advantage of his right to freedom of speech… or text, if you will, in some areas.


Still, it’s good exercise, fun to explore, and the ultimate: FREE. It is also a scenic drive through the mountains to get to the castle, and if you enjoy the great outdoors, there will be plenty of other stops on the way that you will love and could therefore make a day trip out of this experience.

Until next time, dahlings…

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