Museum of the Weird

Good morning, bizarre-loving creatures!

Austin, Texas strives to keep its mantra “Keep Austin Weird,” so, of course, they have a MUSEUM OF THE WEIRD– 412 E. 6th St., Austin, TX.


This small, random museum resides behind the Lucky Lizard gift shop. It is a guided tour through various oddities.

Bigfoot exhibit
Two-headed cow
Baby gargoyle from the movieĀ Tales from the Darkside
Behind this gate is the door to the apartment occupied by Johnny Depp while filming in Austin (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, maybe?)

The highlight of the museum is The Ice Man. Featured years ago onĀ Unsolved Mysteries, The Ice Man is a block of ice with the full remains of a humanoid creature frozen inside. It is said to potentially be a missing link between humans and apes. They don’t allow pictures of this exhibit, so I can’t show you, but visitors do indeed get to see the Ice Man. He’s getting a little hard to see, though, as the ice has clearly melted some and then been refrozen a few times, resulting in some cloudy ice. He’s still there, though.

Me being kidnapped by a very slow moving ape (… actually, he might not have been moving at all)

Our guide ended the tour with some mind reading (hey, Museum of the WEIRD, remember). Whether you believe in psychic powers or not, it is still entertaining and he does it well. The below picture is of my keepsake from my mind being read.

This is apparently the kind of thing I think about

… I’m just relieved there is still a mind up there to read!

The museum is random, the gift shop fun, and Austin interesting. Remember this quirky little stop on your Texas visit.

Until next time, dahlings…

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