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Many have pondered the mysteries of Stonehenge in England, but there is no mystery as to the origins of the Americanized recreation of the historic landmark.

Introducing CARHENGE- 2103 County Rd. 59, Alliance, NE.


The image that word conjures up? Yeah, that’s exactly what this is.



The creator, Jim Reinders, was inspired by the real Stonehenge while working as a petroleum engineer in England and decided his hometown of Alliance, NE needed one. Stones that size are scarce and insane to move (remember, the creators of the original did not leave behind a DIY Stonehenge instructional). Reinder’s solution? Cars! Plenty in supply and come with wheels for mobility. The original structure of Carhenge was built in six days, in time for Summer Solstice in 1987. According to Reinder, ┬áhe “was able to reduce the time of the original Stonehenge construction by 9,999 years and 51 weeks.”

The property has acquired a few smaller additions since then.





The best thing? You all know what usually is the best thing. It’s FREE! Free as the wind blows! They do accept donations for maintenance in the small shop on property, where they also have a restroom and refreshments for sale.

All the cars are real, just spray painted flat colors. There is one car designated for graffiti, though they do ask that you confine it to just that car.

This makes a great destination and pit stop to stretch your legs. If you are in Nebraska, take 15-20 minutes for Carhenge.

Until next time, dahlings…

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