World’s Largest Sandhill Crane

“Well, a-everybody’s heard about the bird. B-B-B-Bird, bird, bird, b-bird’s the word…!”

I had booked my current hotel because it was in the same town as my next stop. What I did without realizing it is book a hotel RIGHT NEXT DOOR to my next stop.

View from hotel hallway window.

This is the WORLD’S LARGEST SANDHILL CRANE- 637 Mitchell Ave. N., Steele, ND.


“Sandy” is 40 feet tall and was created by James Miller, a self-taught iron worker, in 1999. The information at the site says he was commissioned to make it, but I cannot find why. Maybe to celebrate the area’s bird life? There is information that tells of the glacial potholes around the area that attract a lot of migratory nesting wildlife, soooooo maybe.

Fun fact: the crane is the oldest living bird species.

The site is helpful as it gives advice on where to take pictures from.


Let’s try it!

… maybe before noon when the sun is not over there. And your subject stands in front of the light post?
Yes, he is indeed tall.

Come see Sandy before noon, and pose in front of that annoying lamp post OR… after sunset but maybe before the lights come on, then use your flash and see if it’s dark enough to look like a chase scene from a weird yet creepy horror film! Oooh I wish I had thought of that before I left…

Until next time, dahlings…

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