The Pillar Inn

Hello, you lovely people!

I’ve decided that I am moving to Minnesota just so I can live at THE PILLAR INN- 419 Main St., Cold Spring, MN.



Maybe just in the summers. Minnesota gets much too much snow.

The house was built in 1905 and has gone through several owners (including a grandfather of the current owner; he operated a medical practice out of the house).


It’s a beautiful old house with the architecture of a “free classic Queen Anne with Colonial Revival details,” according to the website.

There are 3 guest suites total, each with its own bathroom. I had chosen the Casablanca Suite for my stay (are you really surprised?).


Decorated with a 1940s Moroccan theme in mind, the suite is very relaxing and the bed is SOOOO comfy!


Everything is well maintained, even down to the floor rugs being surprisingly soft.

Love the colors!

Since I was the only guest for the night (save the two tenants with permanent apartments, one upstairs and one in the basement), the other two suites were left open and I snuck a couple of pictures from the hallway.

The Victorian Suite
The Grand Suite (the opposite corner has a whirlpool tub!)

Each room includes a flat screen TV with DVD players, and there are a few DVDs in each room. One option was, of course, Casablanca, so I figured I might as well complete the picture!

A full breakfast is served only on weekends. Since it was a weeknight when I was there, Jill, one of the owners, bought some continental breakfast items for me in the mini fridge in the upstairs sitting room, where there is also a Keurig, microwave (and popcorn!), and soda included.


The owners do not live on property, so I pretty much had the B&B to myself (never fear, they are only a phone call away). Though the downstairs was also amazing, I pretty much stuck to my room and the sitting room so as not to be invasive. Besides, I liked it up there!

If you find yourself in the charming Cold Spring area, be sure to book your stay at the lovely and yet extremely well-priced Pillar Inn. I bet this place is beautiful in the fall.

Thanks, Jill and Kevin!

Until next time, dahlings…

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