Smallest Church in America

Good morrow, all!

You know those times when you are driving along on your road trip and you have that sudden urge to pull over and pray? Or maybe you find comfort in regular church attendance and you need somewhere soul-soothing while on the road? Whatever your reason, there is hope for you.

You need to visit the SMALLEST CHURCH IN AMERICA- 50 U.S. 17, Darien, GA.


It was commissioned by Mrs. Agnes Harper and, according to the sign, deeded to God. God legally owns several parts of the south, it seems.

It’s probably not the actual smallest church, but it is SO SMALL that I could not find it for a while, even when I knew I was in the right area. Yeah, it’s THAT small!

… of course, my point is moot when you take into consideration that this is right next to the road.


… and the fact that it is labeled on Google maps so you can find it just by the name itself. I’m Polish, shut up!


It appears to be undergoing some construction at the moment, but they have a policy to always be open for the needy traveler. Besides, if you ARE such a needy traveler, how much more lavish does it need to be?

The papers on the window sill are left by visitors as an unofficial guestbook.


Oh, and it has a picnic table on site. Great pit stop to nourish the body and soul!

Until next time, dahlings…


2 thoughts on “Smallest Church in America

  1. I live in Savannah and drive by this little church often. Someone recently set it on fire. That’s why it’s under remodel. They are rebuilding it.


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