The Awakening (D.C.)

Cheerio, pip pip, and all that rot!

I am about to say something that is probably going to make a lot of people think “…you DIDN’T know that?”

Did you know there is this place near Washington D.C. called National Harbor? I didn’t! It’s clearly a fairly popular place, I feel a bit ashamed!



It reminds me of another version of Chicago’s Navy Pier with a ferris wheel, carousels, cute little shops, and random art.




I stumbled upon it because I came in search of this guy.


This is THE AWAKENING- National Harbor, Fort Washington, MD. The Awakening is a large aluminum sculpture created by J. Seward Johnson in 1980 and originally installed at Hains Point in D.C. In 2007, the sculpture was purchased and moved onto this specially made beach at National Harbor. It consists of a large face, left hand, right hand and arm, left knee, and right foot as he appears to be trying to rise from beneath the beach.


I’ve read online people complaining about children always climbing all over the sculpture, but considering the location of its installation, I think that might have been somewhat the point. Besides, something like this is not made to sit behind glass in an art museum and be analyzed by curators and experts; this piece is multi functional and add a little pizzazz to the beach.


See how the creature picks off pirates for lunch!

It’s fun, it’s random, and in a cute area to visit and get away from the chaos that is the city of Washington, D.C.

… even if the local Starbucks DOESN’T have Orange Mango smoothies, like their menu says! The schmucks… but their wifi is super fast, let me tell you! And they do have strawberry.

Watch this poor man as he struggles to free himself from the sand that will never let him go. Perhaps sending your children to climb all over him will help.


Until next time, dahlings…


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