World’s Largest Doctor’s Bag

Good morning!

Perhaps the best way to ensure that you have a “World’s Largest” is to create a large something that no one would ever think to create.

Like… THE WORLD’S LARGEST DOCTOR’S BAG- 537 Stanton Christiana Rd., Newark, DE.


Betcha didn’t think of that one, did ya?

This monument to the ye olden days of medicinal practice sits next to the entrance of the Apex Medical Center. Though there is no indication around it that it is the world’s largest, I have a hard time imagining anyone has created a larger one. If they have, please let me know and I will retract such blasphemy as I have inflicted from my blog.


Even if it’s not THE largest in the world, it is still pretty big and makes for a fun photo op, if you are in the area.

So break yourself away from that computer, put down that X-Box controller, get out and use the smartphone to take pictures of you and loved ones in Newark!


Until next time, dahlings…

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