Lincoln Financial Sculpture Walk

Rise and shine, people!

Ready for more art as you walk?

I promise, this is not as strenuous as the Andres Institute. This one is in downtown Hartford, a bustling city with many activities and sights as well as beauty in art and nature.


The idea of combining art and exercise is not entirely unpopular.  A well-known financial group funded a project about 11 years ago doing just that. So let’s go on the LINCOLN FINANCIAL SCULPTURE WALK- 300 Columbus Blvd., Hartford, CT.

It stormed all the night before, so now it is in the 80s and muggy, but who are we out to impress with our appearance and odor? Perhaps it will keep the crazies away.

… or attract them… hm.

Moving on… the Lincoln Financial Foundation, part of the Lincoln Financial Group, got together $500,000 to commission 16 different artists to create 16 different sculptures representing or depicting different aspects of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, and erect them throughout the bridge going over and trails running alongside the Connecticut River. These sculptures vary in styles and themes. Some are modern and symbolic, some are closer to realism and depict snapshots of Lincoln’s life.

Right to Rise, representing Lincoln’s advocation for the Homestead Act.

Tete a Tete, representing Lincoln’s open door policy to the public to bring concerns before him. Functional art, I like it.

Lincoln Meets Stowe, Lincoln meeting Harriet Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

The Circuit Rider, representing the years Lincoln rode around (on a horse) the Eighth Judicial Circuit in Illinois as a lawyer trying cases.

The above pictured horse is apparently a good bird pit stop. When I circled back around, I saw a sparrow perched in his thigh.

Transcontinental, representing Lincoln’s commitment to building a transcontinental railroad (which he unfortunately never lived to see). I wish I had a marble to shoot through this thing…

So on your business trip to Hartford or vacation throughout the area, take an hour or two to go on a leisurely stroll through this walk and learn a little about one of our most celebrated presidents.

Until next time, dahlings…

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