World’s Largest Teapot

Good morning, Web Sightseers and Internet Explorers!

Today, we step a toe into West Virginia for a spot of tea. A large spot. Actually, we came here to check out THE WORLD’S LARGEST TEAPOT- W. Carolina Ave. and Old US Highway 30, Chester, WV.

Original photo link:

When Mel, my best friend and travel companion for the day, and I stopped by, there was writing over each of the windows about food and souvenirs which used to be sold out of it. There was also a shadow box outside the fence where some sort of description would normally be, but nothing was in it. It appears this 12′ tall, 44′ wide teapot now sits unused just off the highway inside a fence, which has an opening so you can take your picture next to it.

… I DID have my picture taken next to it, but you can read about how it got lost here.

If you are cruising through the area, this makes for a fun little photo op. Get all wild and crazy and just do it.

Until next time, dahlings…


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