Old Vermilion Jailhouse Bed and Breakfast


A superficial view of all the destinations I have been sending you to would raise a questioning eyebrow. This next place promises to take you aback in more ways than one.

I’m sending you to jail. Don’t worry, the cells won’t be locked.

I’m talking about the OLD VERMILION JAILHOUSE BED AND BREAKFAST- 691 Grand St., Vermilion, OH.


Markos was at the building when I arrived and showed me around, including the different features of the room. Yes, there are features.


This is the main area, where presumably the front office of the jail used to be, as seen from the entry door. The door you see leads to the cell area. That is a smart TV you see in the corner of the picture. Along with DirectTV channels, it also has satellite radio channels and Netflix capabilities. The amp below it makes it possible to run the sound through the speakers in the ceiling of this main room AND into the shower room, so you can listen to music while showering!


There are two rain shower heads in the ceiling, as well as the handheld sprayer and four sprayers in the wall. Talk about spoiled!

This shower room occupies one of four cells in the cell area. Two of the other three cells are bedrooms that will each sleep a single person. The cell doors do shut, but do not lock.


The last cell is the bathroom.


Don’t worry, the bathroom and shower room cells both have frosted glass behind the bars for privacy.

This does not include the NUMEROUS amenities beyond this: two baskets full of easily-forgotten-at-home toiletries, Keurig with coffees and teas and hot chocolates, a mini fridge full of (free!) snacks, complete privacy (only one suite in the building and the owner lives off the premises), gift certificates for breakfast at Granny Joe’s, free wifi, and lots more. Not to mention the cute, “harbor town” of Vermilion which offers shopping, plenty of restaurant options, and a quiet town to walk around.

Before leaving, Markos invited me to browse the Shawshank Redemption script, autographed by Morgan Freeman. Sure enough, in the table drawer was the script with two signatures on it. One clearly was Morgan Freeman’s (as clear as a signature is). The other was hard to read (as signatures usually are), but it almost looked like it said Tim Robbins. Markos did not mention this, so it may have been someone else’s involved with the production. A random yet cool addition to the jailhouse theme!

Suffice to say, this place is amazing!

The jailhouse would comfortably sleep 4 people, though it is admittedly a tight space simply because of the set up of the jailhouse. Not to the point of being uncomfortable, by any means, but you may want to consider that if you are a lots-of-luggage traveler with three other people.

Not only is Vermilion a good getaway in itself, but this is a good option if you are heading to Cedar Point for vacation and yet don’t want to stay in the overpriced touristy area. Vermilion is a half hour drive to Sandusky and will give some variety and rest to your family trip.

When staying in Vermilion Jail House, if you need a relaxing night in (after a long day at Cedar Point, perhaps), might I recommend a short stroll through town followed by picking up a pizza from Papa Joe’s and kicking back in your room watching Netflix.

This is by far one of the most unique and comfortable bed and breakfasts I have ever stayed in. Book it. Now.

Until next time, dahlings.


**Due to the Great Phone Suicide of 2016, my personal photos of this are lost to us. For the graphic details of this loss, see my editorial. All photos in this post are from the bed and breakfast’s website, http://www.jailbed.com.
Any copyright infringement is unintentional and will be rectified upon notification.


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