The Heidelberg Project

Dear readers,

This is the second of three posts regarding some amazing art in the Detroit, MI area. This next location I remember visiting years ago and wanted to make sure I went back to for this blog.

That is THE HEIDELBERG PROJECT- 3600 Heidelberg St., Detroit, MI.


No, this is not some trashy street; it is a neighborhood that uses salvaged or recycled materials to create an outdoor art environment.

A pretty and resourceful way to clean up litter and improperly discarded trash, no?

The Heidelberg Project was started in the mid 80s and strives to enrich lives through artistic expression. The art covers a couple full length streets in the area and uses the houses, the streets, the sidewalks, and everything in between as art space. It makes for an interesting drive or stroll, most definitely.


Though they do get visitors, I only had one other car to contend with while I was there.


They do ask that you respect the neighborhood and not photograph the actual residents or block the streets. Be respectful, please. Just enjoy the project for what it was created to be enjoyed for and maybe even donate to the cause, if you feel so compelled.

I fully encourage you to take a few minutes out of your Detroit business trip, excursion, Red Wings game venture to cruise through this community and support their efforts to make this world creative and interesting.

Until next time, dahlings…

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